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There are few figures more controversial in rock history than Yoko Ono.For decades, fans and critics have theorized about the extent of her influence on John Lennon and debated her role in the Beatles’ breakup.At the time of Lennon and Ono’s first meeting, Ono was either completely unaware of Lennon (being focused on the art world and not pop stars) or she knew exactly who he was (and maybe even pursued the rock singer).Was Ono an oblivious artist who made an instant connection with rock royalty over art?The Beatle had the mistaken impression that the exhibition would be of a sexual nature, involving a woman artist in a bag. Both at the time and in later years, he maintained that Ono didn’t have any familiarity with him or the Beatles, and only had heard the name "Ringo" via the media.When he showed up, he was greeted instead by a variety of conceptual pieces, including an apple and a bag of nails with ludicrous price tags.“I thought this is a con. Lennon’s mood turned, however, when he checked out a piece that caught his eye.It should come as no surprise, then, that even Lennon and Ono’s first meeting is mired in uncertainty.Born in Japan, Ono became interested in experimental art when she attended college in New York in the ’50s.

The Beatles were in the middle of their most creative era, phasing out their live performance commitments in favor of experimenting further on studio recordings.

Miles, co-owner of the Indica, backed up Mc Cartney’s version.“She knew exactly who [the Beatles] were,” Miles told the in 2002.

“She’d already approached Paul for some John Cage manuscripts she wanted.

He wouldn’t give her anything, but suggested she go to John.

But she told John she’d never heard of the Beatles and he believed her.”Miles and Mc Cartney claim that Lennon had given Ono the lyrics to the Beatles song “The Word” for the Cage book months before her 1966 London show. Then there’s still another version of Ono’s first interaction with Lennon, as recalled by Reg King, singer of the London band the Action (like the Beatles, a group produced by George Martin). Yoko stood there dumbfounded, ‘Wow, you really do know the Beatles.’ Within 15 minutes she was in there and the rest is history.”Regardless of the true story of Lennon and Ono's first meeting, their relationship didn’t begin immediately.

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