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invicta venom, using a prescribed series of stereotyped actions, or acidopore grooming.

Standing on its hind and middle legs, the worker curls its gaster underneath its body.

Solenopsis thief ants, and Monomorium species stand out as brood-predators of formicine ants that produce piperidine, pyrrolidine, and pyrroline venom, providing an important ecological context for the use of detoxification behavior.

Detoxification behavior also represents a mechanism that can influence the order of assemblage dominance hierarchies surrounding food competition.

Nylanderia fulva was found in 18 different bromeliads but was associated with twigs and bark cavities, rather than suspended soil or litter, of the plants. (2015) found a behaviour, first noted and resulting from interactions between Solenopsis invicta and N.

fulva, that detoxifies fire ant venom is expressed widely across ants in the subfamily Formicinae: Solenopsis invicta is one of twenty exclusively New World fire ants, a subgroup of species within the large genus Solenopsis characterized by large, aggressive colonies of polymorphic workers with piperidine alkaloid-based venom (Blum 1992). invicta venom by applying its own venom, formic acid, to body parts exposed to S.

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fulva in North America, for example through the introduction of co-evolved biological control agents.

Research can now focus on this species’ population dynamics, ecology, natural history, and identification of its native range to better understand the causes and consequences of such rapid population growth.

This endeavor would not have been possible without the collection-based resources and taxonomic expertise present in natural history museums, underscoring their value for both basic and applied research. (2015) studied the diversity of ants found in bromeliads of a single large tree of Erythrina, a common cocoa shade tree, at an agricultural research center in Ilhéus, Brazil.

At present, this species occurs in Texas, Florida, southern Mississippi (Mac Gown and Layton 2010) and southern Louisiana (Hooper-Bui et al. Interconnected nests of these ants form extraordinarily dense populations that greatly exceed the combined densities of all ants in adjacent uninvaded assemblages (Le Brun et al. They feed on small insects and vertebrates, and honeydew secreted by aphids (Zenner de Polania and Bola~nos 1985).

They invade people’s homes, nest in crawl spaces and walls, and damage electrical equipment resulting in millions of dollars of losses (Blackwell 2014).

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