Women skinney thin slim personals dating

(The ratio in a typical teenage boy is actually higher: 49%!

) Fashion models are also much less curvy than Playmates: a typical Playmate is 36% more curvy than a typical fashion model.

Over evolutionary history, men's genetic contributions to the next generation depended on their ability to make subtle and accurate assessments about which women would make the best moms.

In contrast, women got no reproductive payoff from any ability to make similar assessments about other women's bodies.

The figures women think men prefer are more like fashion models than Playmates.

(For what it's worth, men also misjudge women's preferences for male muscle and genital size.) The figures that the men actually prefer are also much closer to the women's own figures than the skinnier ones women believe that men like.

This misreading of men's desires may encourage some women to mistakenly think they would be more attractive to men if they weighed less.

Which viewpoint is more likely to reflect the healthiest option for women?

The reasons men find these curvy figures so appealing can be found in our earlier blog. Their average BMI is only 17.1 and almost half have BMI's below 17 (compared with just 6% of Playmates).

They have much smaller bust sizes (by 3 inches), larger waists, and similar sized hips.

Using the difference between bust and waist, and waist and hips in relation to height, a typical Playmate is 54% more curvy than an average university undergraduate.

This is what gives her the hourglass figure that men find so attractive.

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