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You grow up and care about being a good person and doing good unto others.I don’t like mean comedy or bullies; I never make fun of other people—I make fun of myself.With close to a million followers collectively, spread out over various social media platforms, Rex is very rich in the high-value currency of social media followers.Through his various platforms, most boasting nearly 200,000 followers each, real fans of his brand stay loyal.

At 39, handsome, and in incredible shape, Rex elicits a huge reaction from his female fans in whatever role he steps into.

During his rule, Champagne became a centre of commerce.

He was one of the most respected counsellors of the king of France.

Rex was told to take acting classes, which he did in New York before moving to Los Angeles to pursue his dream of acting.

The model-turned-VJ went on to star in shows like with Tom Arnold.

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