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The second line is about the beautiful young woman wanting to be known for her mind.Together the three make for some mild fun, well played by a top-line cast that includes some great veterans: Lois Blake, still looking good after some 35 years of film-making; Henry Travers, the ultimate avuncular judge; and such stalwarts as Buddy Roosevelt and Guy Wilkerson, best known for their Western roles. Ronald Reagan and Mayo are pros, and do more than look good, although they do that, and do it well.

When the camera switches to show Ruth as seen through the binoculars, the rolling motion completely disappears.The child apparently went over the rails while the family was in the process of using the atrium elevator to disembark from the ship.A passenger (a retired emergency medical technician) reportedly performed CPR on the girl, until the ship doctor arrived.The speaker submission process is now OPEN for MJBiz Con Next taking place in New Orleans, May 9-11, 2018.MJBiz Con NEXT will provide a platform to advance the marijuana industry by discussing forward-looking issues, trends, technologies, new markets and strategies to take your business to the next level.

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