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Actually," he brightens at the recollection, "the weekend the film premiered in the States, I walked into a restaurant and the valet said to me: 'Good-evening, Mr Blair.' He'd seen the film the day before."Where insecurity makes so many actors abominable, Gruffudd's occasional schisms of confidence are endearing.Moving to LA, where he and his beautiful wife, Francophile actress Alice Evans, have lived for the past five years, doesn't appear to have thinned his character in the way it has for so many exports."LA is like alcohol: either it accents your natural characteristics or it taps into your insecurities and makes monsters out of people," he says.Gruffudd - who was born in the village of Llwydcoed near Aberdare in South Wales to school-teacher parents - had the advantage of being given a taster of celebrity when he was only thirteen and playing a key character in a popular Welsh soap-opera, Pobol y Cwm (People of the Valley)."Because of that, when the whole Hollywood thing happened, it just felt normal.It was on the set of 101 Dalmations, he explains, then pauses: "She thought I was a 'wanker' at first." It's inevitably a short step from there to torrid romance; after eight years together, the pair finally wed last September in Los Cabos, Mexico.These days, Gruffudd and Evans form a part of the small but exclusive Hollywood Brit pack, counting actors Rufus Sewell, Damien Lewis and Gruffudd's former flatmate, Edge of Love star Matthew Rhys, as their close friends."Oliver really thought that Blair had no choice but to go to war.

But it was the role of Mr Fantastic in the hit adaptation of the Fantastic Four that finally gave Gruffudd the financial stability he needed - as well as a position alongside Jude Law and James Mc Avoy in the desirable export stakes.A year later, remembering the actor's impact in the nautical ITV series, Hornblower, Gruffudd was cast in his most impressive role to date, as William Wilberforce in Amazing Grace.When fame did eventually lay a more rigid claim on him, however, it was a disappointment. I had just started being invited to those," he laughs. Being famous, I realised with a bit of a shock, wouldn't give me anything more than I have." Around that time, while dating Nicole Appleton from girl band All Saints ("until I was unceremoniously turfed out for the next guy"), he met Evans.Laura is a smart and dedicated teacher, not long out of a relationship and unsure about getting back on the dating scene.Andrew is a renowned surgeon whose son is a student at Laura’s school.

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