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With his lithe tallness, it seemed natural he’d hear everything, for his ears were above most heads. ” I noticed Liang’s intensely questioning look behind that of Hugo’s.There were two things the vaguely handsome, short haired young man loved above all else, smoking pot and gossiping like a teenage girl. “You didn’t hear anything,” Of course, I knew that he had. These two were always together when it came to pressuring me for information on my love life.Jade, a tomboyish girl who’s the only girl in a gang of eight friends, is cast in her college play as the main character. is that it’s a fully nude role from beginning to end. Of course it’s a heavily romanticized version of events that occured in my life, but it’s still not that far off from the truth, and the main character isn’t too different from me either.Hope you’ll enjoy it 🙂 — I sat as always right next to Alex, my closest friend in the world, though by no means was my friendship with the other boys of no value.It was to him I turned with a grin, saying : “Remember, I get 20 bucks if the Lions win.” “Calm your tits bro, I’m better at betting than you are.” “Yeah? That young man always had my back, with his rugged skin to bring warmth to my heart, his piercing blue eyes to bring me comfort, and his brown hair my fingers always played with when boredom presented itself to me.

The attitude of the boys towards me was one of unquestioned and uncalculated equality. Not my natural appearance, mind you, but how I dressed up.

The latter, a stout, cap wearing sports fan, was always the host, for his house was the biggest, his chips reserves the most plentiful, and his parents the least present.

“Dude, bring the fucking beers,” I told him, “the game’s about to start.” “Why don’t you get them yourself if you’re so thirsty?

” he replied, an ever jolly tone in his voice despite his occasional sarcasm. ” Our host complied, going for his fridge in the kitchen.

Everyone one of us took orders from the other and vice versa, since it must also be noted that there was no alpha in the group.

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