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(On our freedom to eat meat offered to idols read 1 Cor -33 & Rom 14:1-15:7.)3.

They believe that the exercise of liberty is a reflection of the grace of the gospel a sign of freedom from legalism.

They recognize that for some it is about evil or materialism, but for them and their families it is about edification or innocent fun.

Rom 14:5 One man considers one day more sacred than another; another man considers every day alike.

This preoccupation with symbolic respect for God can be a slippery slope.

They believe that modern culture is so permeated with pagan-based traditions, that to become obsessed with identifying and eliminating every one can easily become a Phariseeistic preoccupation with cleaning up the outside of the cup, and will totally distract from what really matters to God (2 Cor 11:3; Rom ; Col -23), ie:2.Some believers who discover the pagan origins of these customs, find themselves struggling with celebrating them as Christian holidays.They imagine God is dishonored when nave Christians participate in customs that were once associated with darkness.Paul instructed early believers that just because meat had been dedicated by a pagan butcher to an idol (had pagan origins), there was no direct harm in eating the meat.Meat was just meat and could be eaten without fear of offending God or becoming spiritually corrupted.

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For example, if one discovers that each of the days of the week is named after a pagan god, must we then stop using those names?

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