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"He sits before me stripped of that identity and the possibility of contribution.

He might have been a hero now he's not," said Manhattan Supreme Court Justice A. "Now he's a convicted felon." Bartley warned Murphy a break from good behavior could send him upstate.

But while Carter set a July 1, 2017 deadline for the military to begin enlisting new transgender service members, the Department of Defense looks unlikely to meet its deadline.

While currently enlisted trans troops can continue to serve, recent graduates and new recruits have to wait to serve their country openly.

But my leadership saw that I’d deployed with no problem, performed my duties with no problem," Ireland said.

In the year since the ban was lifted, Ireland has been working with the LGBTQ service member group SPART*A on its Future Warriors project — helping mentor around 100 eager transgender recruits who are waiting for the military to let them in."They meet all the qualifications to enter the military and are ready to be on the doorsteps of the Military Entrance Processing Station (MEPS)," Ireland said.

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In the year since the ban was repealed, Pentagon officials told the Associated Press roughly 250 service members have applied to change their gender in the personnel system.

In December, Taylor Murphy, 29, was acquitted of felony strangulation and witness tampering charges, but was convicted of misdemeanor criminal mischief and assault, and felony criminal contempt for violating an order of protection when he contacted Claudia Charriez more than 1,000 times after the blow-out.

A Manhattan judge admonished the disgraced smoke eater for his behavior - he lost his FDNY job after the conviction - but spared him time behind bars, instead sentencing him to five years of probation.

A spokesman told NBC Out, "I don't have anything additional to provide at this time."Transgender people already stationed in the military told NBC Out they understand the careful preparation but said delaying enrollment for another year does not make sense."We’re trying to up our manning at each branch of the [Department of Defense], and they’re denying people who are able to serve," Air Force Staff Sergeant Logan Ireland said.

"It blows my mind that they are denying people this basic right to serve their country."Ireland had the unique experience of coming out as transgender before the ban was lifted.

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The leadership at her post in Hawaii had changed; Villanueva went from having a supportive LGBTQ advocate as her superior to "a complete 180" when that supervisor was transferred and replaced.

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