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Spoilers ahead for Season 4 Episode 8 of Broad City. The DCEU (aka the DC Extended Universe) has taken a page — or chapter — out of the MCU's (aka the Marvel Cinematic Universe's) book with Justice League. So much happened in Daredevil's sophomore season — Matt Murdock's reignited romance with Elektra Natchios, Wilson Fisk's reintroduction, whatever was going on with the Hand and that giant hole in the ... Justice League is in many ways the unofficial sequel to Batman v Superman, so it's surprising that Bv S's main villain, Lex Luthor, is barely mentioned in the new fil... The DCEU (DC Extended Universe) is getting a makeover. I’m half-joking here, because this show takes viewers on such a crazy ride that it’s hard to know which is up and who viewers should be...Abbi and Ilana get a taste of the sweet life in "House-Sitting," yet, even at Oliver's house full of nice things, the Broad City women are just as ... Justice League is exploding across scenes, giving audiences an action-packed spectacle of five (perhaps six, Superman? Superheroes are vigilantes who have a strong sense of right and wrong, but some of the villains these superheroes face are also vigilantes — just with less morality and a whole lot more rage. As Frank Castle goes from Daredevil supporting character to leading role in his own show, a collection of new characters are joining him to flesh out this new world. Not only are they introducing three new superheroes in Justice League — The Flash, Aquaman, and Cyborg — but t... The long-running ABC series Grey’s Anatomy has had many interesting characters, but few were as dynamic and relatable as Cristina Yang. Watching Olivia Pope take care of business on Scandal, glass of red wine in hand, is a weekly ritual for thousands of viewers, often following the sobbing that accompanies a Grey's Anatomy episode and...Made-for-TV Christmas movies, it's time we had a talk. One of the benefits of being a fan of the DC Extended Universe is the fact that there's no shortage of characters to add to the mix, so you'll never be bored. Frank Castle isn't new to the Marvel Netflix Universe, but he is getting his own full season starring role in The Punisher Season 1, premiering Nov. Like most fans, I cried when it was announced that Sandra Oh was... Fidget spinner bubble bath bars and unicorn-hued lipglosses? Thanksgiving is surely one of the most expensive holiday dinners to host.You give us entertainment each holiday season, and for that we are grateful, but there's something that needs to change. Bustle and Coveteur are working together to bring you the best mix of the season's hottest releases, shopping tips, and gifting ideas in ways that are both inspirational, and attainable. With networks, streaming services, and even social media vying to be every binge-watcher's go-to hub, it can be hard to find a unique story that rises above the rest. And when you've got a crew of a dozen people coming over to your home ready to go fully savage on all matters of the tum, you'...Like fine wine, some things just seem to get better with time.Whether you feel the old adage is true or not, it's certainly a notion befitting for what Kenan & Kel star Kel Mitchell looks like now — ...15 when launching her trio of crystal and gardenia-inspired KKW Beauty fragrances.

Yeah, yeah — turkey's cool and often has the tendency to steal the show, but there's ...

Just in case you weren't buying the rumors that Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez have reunited, there's now even more photographic proof.

On Wednesday, Bieber and Gomez were caught kissing at a hockey g...

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Now that the holiday season has rolled in, it's time to deck the halls, belt out the carols, and hit the holiday shopping.

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