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I tried to sign up for Vietnam once, but I was only 13 years old at the time, and the recruiter laughed at me. jeff Just want to tell Jeff Quinn, and the entire staff how much I appreciate all you do to inform gun owners.I particularly like the excellent videos you do every year at the annual SHOT show. Of course I would be remiss, if I didn't mention the great banjo music from Boge Quinn. Michael R Fallon - Pflugerville, Texas January 24, 2017 I really appreciate the casual yet professional quality of your reviews.YOU ARE REPRESENTING THE GUN AND AMMO MANUFACTURERS WHO ARE WILLING TO ARM EVERY IDIOT IN THE NATION. Dave December 24, 2016 Jeff, Thanks for the review of the new Ruger .44 special GP100. While there are .357s galore at my disposal I do prefer the .44 special- always have- over the bark and bite of similar sized .357s...MANY OF WHOM SHOULDN'T HAVE DRIVERS LICENSES EITHER. The information and your presentation in the article made my decision to purchase the Kahr easier. To date, a .44 has either been a single-action, OR a larger magnum revolver, so I'm looking forward to checking one of the new Rugers out.Droid April 4, 2017 Jeff I look at the Gunblast website at least once a day and use the archives for information about guns, ammo... I hope all of you involved in the making of Gunblast never tire of running his excellent treatment of The Battle Cry of Freedom to open and close your presentations and accompany the closeup firearm tours. Last August, I dropped a very heavy floor jack on my right foot. Luckily I had some left over (yet expired) pain meds in my briefcase I carry everywhere, and was able to take one and then off to the doctor.

I currently have one that loads 9mm for my Glock 17L and Kel Tec 9mm Sub 2000. April 10, 2017 It will not, but look at this video to see a very quick, easy way to make a loader for the Kel-Tec 22 Magnum.The dark blue ribbon on the far right with the "E" is what you get when you make expert with the Navy issued Colt 45 (which I did in Navy OCS long ago.) But I don't boast about it in front of the young dudes.[NAME WITHHELD] February 6, 2017 Thanks for that info, and your service, Sir.Will it also work with loading 22Mags into the magazine that will be coming with my PMR30? jeff Do not know if my feed back is in the right place but I wanted to comment on the AMT Auto Mag ll just got my hands on one after looking for a whole.First problem was a sticky trigger it is appears the gun has never been cleaned or lubricated, after I did clean and lightly lube it with 3n1 oil it runs great.

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I particularly like the straightforward writing style and lack of "Bro" style language or hype.

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