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Plus my sobriety is the most important thing to me right now and I cant forget that or be distracted from it. I shared earlier how I met someone and we were together for 18 months before things went South.Maybe with more time I will be ready, but not right now. What I DIDN"T mention was I was 12 days sober (he had 15 years at that time). When you shared about attracting all the A's it made me think of him because he told me that too.Me being the nosy creature I am read it and wanted to literally die.To this day I can tell you word for word what he wrote and it is still there coloring relationships I have today.) Because I was in this relationship and because I basically made him my sponsor as well as my higher power at times I didn't work as hard as I could have or should have my first year and a half.Most all have been married...short term, some long the H*** did I manage to stay married this long..Why did I get married in the first place..24 yrs... And now i see sooooooooo ...many guys id love to be with...not that many..It's pretty typical to want something u can't have and then u have something u dont want...And because im married and sober....people avoid me like a plague.... Yeah i have to confess, when my spouse and i were in the talking stages of a divorce awhile back...i did go online to one of those Match. I suppose if we had tried all the ways to end this marriage and nothing worked, then it's just meant to be. I am in a away..selfishly this alcoholic is never satisfied. Maybe it was because I titled mine "looking for a dandy little fixer upper..." Seriously, I don't know where to go to meet people.something Honestly filled out the questionaire then they asked if u were divorced, single or something else..i said separated...they couldnt send my application thru because it wouldnt be honest to start something that i wasnt very honest about..... I just know where NOT to go, which would be most of the places I've been so far. Thanks Kellye, after a few days of reflecting I have realized that I am not ready yet to start dating.

I have done (and do) the whole internet dating for a while. I'm sorry you had the experience that you did but there are sick people everywhere.I decided to join one of those internet dating sites, in my profile I stated that I am not into head games at all.I recieved a few responses and was upfront about my sobriety. It seems when I mentioned my sobriety that was the last I heard from a few of the women.I know for me waiting till the time was right was important and all.I also wanted to heal my broken heart because it was broken by someone who I met on the internet but not one of those singles sites.

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