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The floor and parts of the walls are clad in marble.

The room has a series of wall paintings depicting Norway and Oslo between the wars and also during occupation. The room in which the City Council meets (Bystyresalen) is semi-circular. The artist hoped the design would remind the city's politicians of ethics and good decisionmaking.

The western wall of the building is dominated by Anne Grimdalen's sculpture of Harald Hardråde on horseback. Hallvard is at the front of the building, facing Oslofjord.

Reliefs by Dagfin Werenskiold face the square and are multicoloured depictions of motifs from the Poetic Edda.

Brick was in stark contrast to the steel and glass which architects considered modern at the time, and no further buildings were built in that style afterwards.

Stockholm's city hall - also in brick - had been designed by Ragnar Östberg, and Martin Nyrop designed Copenhagen City Hall, which is also a monumental brick building.

In November 1936 the shell of the building was completed.

A few floors of office space were in use by the time war broke out in 1940.

The ground stone laying ceremony took place in September 1931, with King Haakon VII and Crown Prince Olav in attendance. The purpose was to raise funds for the construction of the building.

A continuned lack of funds meant that construction had to wait, and in the intervening years the architects made several changes to the project.

In 1930 they present their final draft, which had undergone significant changes, influenced by functionalism.

In 1915, the idea was taken up by Hieronymus Heyerdahl, who had just stood down as mayor.

He noticed the city's lack of a representative city hall to receive the municipality's guests during the 1914 Jubilee Exhibition in Frogner.

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Both Nyrop and Östberg were on the jury which selected the winning design of Oslo City Hall.

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