Jehovah witness dating a non believer

The religion denies the Trinity concept of three Persons in one God.

Jesus Christ - Jesus Christ is God's son and is "inferior" to him. Christ's death was sufficient payment for sin, and he rose as an immortal spirit being, not as the God-man.

Salvation - Only 144,000 people will go to heaven, as cited in Revelation .

The rest of saved humanity will live forever on a restored earth.

Bible - The Bible is God's Word and is truth, more reliable than tradition.

Jehovah's Witnesses use their own Bible, the New World Translation of the Scriptures.

Witnesses are best known for going door to door, but they also publish and distribute millions of copies of printed material every year.

They further teach that the Holy Spirit is a force of Jehovah.

Meetings begin and end with prayer and may include singing.

Leaders - Because Witnesses do not have an ordained clergy class, meetings are conducted by elders or overseers.

Some of the distinct beliefs of Jehovah's Witnesses set this religion apart from other Christian denominations, such as limiting the number of people who will go to heaven to 144,000, denying the Trinity doctrine, and rejecting the traditional Latin cross.

Baptism - Jehovah's Witnesses beliefs teach that baptism by total immersion in water is a symbol of dedicating one's life to God.

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