Is she dating other men

Seeing several people at once doesn't automatically make her a player, just so she isn't hiding that fact. Also, there's her irrational need to have lots of male attention at all times.

However, there's a strange nagging feeling that you can't quite put your finger on it. Perhaps some of her stories don't seem to add up, or there's been a bit of suspicious behavior.

Try not over-react and give her some benefit of the doubt.

You might be over analyzing the situation and seeing something that's not really there. But if you're certain that she really is flirting with another guy, here's what to do. Even if she is a player, word can get around if you react badly. Just grab your cell phone, your keys and your dignity, stand up and leave.

She may have planned this as a way to avoid you two having to spend time along together.

This could be a big sign that she just wants to be friends, but you'll need more information to make that call.

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The games she plays may vary, but it really just comes down to keeping you around to entertain her until she meets someone that she likes more.

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