Is joe dating slade

The Fray lead singer ISAAC SLADE's wife hates a song devoted to her on the band's new album - it's about the "freak out" the rocker had before the pair moved in together.

Anna Slade left her home in Seattle, Washington to live with her beau in Denver, Colorado when they were dating.

Abby is blunt and often reminds Jordan of her poor fashion choices and preferred methods of fun (board games and geeky interests).

Although Abby can be tough, she has also been a beacon of light when Jordan needs advice or someone to vent to.

) and they have known each other for nearly 15 years (even if Mia doesn't remember it).

She was often referred to as the "peace keeper" while growing up.Macy married her high school sweetheart in May of 2016.Her husband Tyler, was one of Jordan's friends and she introduced them!So Jordan, Mia and Macy threw her a surprise going away/NYE/Safari themed party.Needless to say, countless amazing memories and life experiences have taken place through this friendship.

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