I must be dating myself

Create that profile, upload those pics and get ready to live a little.Finding a love connection out of all of this will just be the cherry on top!

Each of us has a unique belief system, a way of seeing the world that is slightly different to everyone else's. We like certain foods, like for example, coffee, because of the way they make us feel.It’s hard to believe how many single people have not given online dating a whirl yet.The world we live in has many hidden dangers, so it is of course important to practice safety first in any situation, but do you think you really know any more about the guy/girl you meet in Starbucks, or at the dog park, than you know about the person you meet online, other than perhaps their true height?During the process of meeting new people, you will see different things in them that you will find majorly attractive, and other things not so much…but we’re focusing on the positives right now.You may not have had an opportunity to date people who were goal oriented, or people who were passionate about a specific cause, or even someone who was just excited about life and living it.

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You want to be with the other person to feel good about yourself, to fill some hole inside you or to change what other people think about you.

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