How to take a break from dating

Most talk about silence and solitude as spiritual disciplines seems to imply some kind of special retreat from normal life, but small, daily “retreats” can be vital as well.Such a brief season, alone and quiet, for hearing God’s voice in his word and responding to him in prayer, may be most fruitful in the morning when rested and alert, and the chaos of the day isn’t snowballing around us yet.In the middle of a busy week, it’s remarkable how strange, and wonderful, the silence can be.And so the excesses and drawbacks of modern life have only increased the value of silence and solitude as spiritual disciplines.The point of practicing silence as a spiritual discipline is not so we can hear God’s audible voice, but so we can be less distracted, and better hear him speak, with even greater clarity, in his word.

He is a husband, father of four, and author of Habits of Grace: Enjoying Jesus through the Spiritual Disciplines.

And there’s nothing in Scripture that would lead us to think he would have us ever fast from his word and prayer.

In fact, it is for increased engagement with God’s word and prayer that is at the heart of good silence and solitude.

They are kinds of fasting, respites from normalcy, not meant to take over life.

Silence and solitude are not ideal states, but rhythms of life to steady us for a fruitful return to people and noise.

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