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Before you get into a physical situation with someone you're dating, you have to decide where you draw the line. Because otherwise the Brain Relocation Phenomenon will kick in. It's what happens when you're in a romantic situation with someone of the opposite sex.

You feel that connection; it's an intimate moment and suddenly you're desiring to make out like crazy.

If you're someone who has very fuzzy sexual boundaries, if you think that having sex before marriage is okay, or if you think living together is okay, you're going to attract men who are like-minded. Once a guy has you and he takes you sexually, he will disrespect you and often he'll move on to find someone else.Whatever your boundaries are in the physical realm, it's something that you must set ahead of time.You cannot decide, "Well, I'm not going to have sex." once you're already caught up in a passionate moment.Remember, almost no one seeks pain in life, but intentions without boundaries guarantee failure.The choice is yours: set boundaries or get set for failure.

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All of a sudden, your brain, which normally resides in your head, slowly starts to dislocate and move down through your neck, and then it starts sliding down through your chest cavity, and pretty soon your brain just gradually drops down below your belly button. After the brain waves goodbye to the belt line, you're definitely not thinking rationally anymore (even if you were on the ride down.) You're thinking with your hormones because your brain has been relocated below the waist.

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