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The man, dressed in a prison uniform with a great iron shackle around his leg, grabs the boy and shakes him upside down, emptying his pockets.The man devours a piece of bread which falls from the boy, then barks questions at him.

Pip agrees to meet him early the next morning and the man walks back into the marshes.Early the next morning, Pip steals food and a pork pie from the pantry shelf and a file from Joe's forge and runs back to the marshes.The reader's sympathy once again is directed at Pip who not only lost his parents but is being raised by a raging, bitter woman.Although the wife of Joe has taken both his names in the classic patriarchal manner (usually connoting that the wife is the property of the man) the Gragery household is anything but patriarchal.In fact, her husband is treated as little more than a child and Pip and he are the submissive ones.

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The man yells at the boy only to get what he wants, a file and some food, and the boy only responds for fear of his life.

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  1. Movies and TV shows tend to make the girl- or boy-next-door scenario seem like the ideal way to find love, but what if your soul mate happens to live across the world?