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Delete the computer account (PC1) from the Active directory compute names (of the old laptop) 2.

Configured my brand new laptop with same computer name (PC1) and joined to domain 3.

If the resolver cannot locate a PTR resource record for the server, you see an error message, but you are still able to perform the tests in this section.

To verify the zone is responding correctly, simulate a zone transfer by typing the following: ls -d If the server is configured to restrict zone transfers, you might see an error message in Event Viewer.

The Netlogon service creates a log file that contains all the locator resource records and places the log file in the following location: % %\System32\Config\You can check this file to find out which locator resource records are created for the domain controller.

Also, PTR resource records must exist for all the computers in your network.The new laptop does show in the event log that the DNS server does not allow the laptop to register the record (because there's an existing record? The forward DNS entries ("A" records) for windows machines on the domain are populated automatically.Got a DHCP address from the server Now my issue is as follow.When i ping the new laptop (PC1) i am directed to the original ip of the first laptop ( IP When I looked at my new laptop I saw that the IP is and DHCP shows the same in the lease list I can ping the IP but when trying to resolve the name(PC1), it still points to the old original laptop's IP of When I opened my DNS, i saw that PC1's record is listed and the IP still points to Can I delete the record in the DNS server's dns list (PC1) and run ipconfig /registerdns on the new laptop to have the new dns record be registered on the server?

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