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These days, Elfman, a Scientologist, has found herself at the centre of some celebrity drama with fellow actresses Kirstie Alley (also a Scientologist) and Leah Remini, who famously left the church in 2015.Jenna stunned at the world premiere of Alice: Through The Looking Glass on Monday night and whatever she's doing is clearly working for her as she hasn't aged a day in 14 years. But we're not willing to sign a billion year contract to get it. Season 2, Episode 4October 14, 1998As they prepare to celebrate their anniversary, Dharma and Greg tell a "little white lie" to avoid their parents, but the couple end up arguing and slinging hash at a diner.

Season 2, Episode 7November 4, 1998Greg tries to downplay an embellished tale of a teenage romantic encounter after he runs into the now-married woman and her husband (Carlos La Camara). (The Dating Game) : You can watch Dharma & Greg Season 2 Episode 24 online here at EWatch Dharma & Greg episodes can be found on our website including the new Dharma & Greg episodes.Dharma & Greg 2x24 (The Dating Game) online streaming. You’ll be able to watch and stream tv Dharma & Greg online with us here at EWatch anytime without any restrictions or limitations. Season 2, Episode 16February 10, 1999Dharma gets a ticket after performing a good deed, and she's so exasperated by her experience at City Hall that she decides to run for office. Meanwhile, Pete and Jane have their first fight as a married couple. Season 2, Episode 18February 24, 1999During a televised debate with her opponent, Dharma (Jenna Elfman) has a meltdown and tells viewers they shouldn't vote for her because she's a "big fat liar." Karen Love: Nancy Lenehan. Season 2, Episode 19March 3, 1999Along with their parents, and Jane and Pete, Dharma and Greg go on a couples retreat, where the rules don't apply to their unique relationship. Season 2, Episode 17February 17, 1999Dharma's funky, grassroots campaign for office takes a serious turn when a former assemblywoman enters the race.

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