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They will find out how formal or casual the wedding will be; get a feel of how much of tradition will be incorporated into the wedding and more.To create the best save the date cards for your wedding, you will need a clever ideas using a photo and/or card.I use it to help me come up with all kinds of ideas; everything from planning client shoots, developing my personal style, what kind of dogs I want, the next tattoo I’m going to get through to figuring out how to decorate my home office.But it’s so easy to use, you don’t necessarily need to be a photographer or designer to get some value from it.

Are we laid-back, full of energy, a little bit shy, outgoing?It has been far too long since I posted about wedding ideas, but I am gladly returning to the subject today with one of my favorite wedding components: the save the date.The save the date is the first correspondence that you have with your wedding guests.How we choose to be in front of the camera can help share some of these characteristics.By showing your photographer what you like with your moodboard, you’ll be ahead of the game. They give you something to do with your hands, meaning straightaway you’re going to feel more relaxed and, even better, they can help tell people a little more about who you are. Find photos that you feel represent the vibe you’re hoping to share so your photographer can can create the photos you want.

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