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I tried throwing out that if she took me to the movie I would buy her popcorn, she said yes and that she would pick me up later.She tried giving me a hug and of course I played it cool and stamped her face....I denied her, mainly because I thought she would stand me up or even worse, take me and then ditch me there.Little did I know we would start talking, then dating, then end up going to every dance together for the rest of high school and now over 8 years later, we are getting married....Lauren and Kristina now pretty good friends and me still thinking to myself, "This girl is the best player in every sport she plays, she is super popular and she is a total babe!" Of course I started plotting my next move very carefully, and I arranged for us to work the snack bar at one of the tournaments their basketball team put on (actually my mom made me do it) but we started talking, she basically fell in love with me, and I started making fun of her for reading her Twilight book.

He gave me a hard time a school that Monday for "dogging him." From that day forward Mikey and I became close and would talk to each other every day.Big mistake for our coaches as they lost money by putting us together. Mikey was pretty shy back then, believe it or not and our first conversation was him complaining to me about his girl issues. As that day came to an end I told him I was going to the movies to watch twilight because I had just finished the book.He laughed at me and made fun of me for reading it but then invited himself to come watch it with me "jokingly" so I thought.8 years later, I mean 6 years later, ;) that 14 year old, awkwardly tall boy is now my sweet, godly, tall, handsome fiancé.We have been on a crazy journey but with God as our foundation we have stuck together through thick and thin and I could not imagine spending the rest of my life with anyone else.-Lauren It all started at Jurupa Valley High School.

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My junior year his freshmen year (yea yea I know cougar right haha) is when my future hubby and I would start the journey that led us here today.

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