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The leaking aviation spirit caught fire in the area of the Senior NCOs' mess. The second bomb had a devastating effect, penetrating as far as the "tween" deck at Frame 116, the ensuing explosion and fire destroying the upper deck between Frames 94 and 145.

A jet of flame ignited oil and spirits beyond an open bulkhead door at Frame 121 and this fire spread rapidly.

Whereas the original intention of the German naval presence had been the protection of German lives and property, aggression by the Republican side had tended to identify them as the "enemy".

Deutschland arrived in Spain and briefly anchored at San Sebastian.

Due to heavy swells Deutschland soon prefered to cruise up and down offshore at a few knots, as this was found more comfortable.

A contact was established to both Republican and Nationalist harbours without discrimination and refugees taken aboard were passed on to one of the 26 merchant vessels chartered for evacuation purposes.

The international operation involved the use of 62 such transports.

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