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Parker also warranted the pen for 25 years, positioning it as the price and quality leader.

Brown." Parker also tested black, as there was some resistance to the new bright orange pens by the test market dealers.

De Luxe - Wide 14 karat solid gold cap band (about 3/8 inches and extending to the cap lip) - US .00 Parker Duofold Jr.

If it means anything, I have a Parker internal document that calls all the orange Duofolds "orange", so I guess that name is ok, also.

When he sees its rich Pompeian brown body and jet black trim - its heavy gold nib and gold Parker clip - when he writes with it, no other pen will do." The Parker Duofold logo at the bottom is tagged with "Patrician of Pens."The Duofold story for the next nine years is one of almost continuous improvement, design change, and model introduction.

Almost every year saw additions to the line, new colors available, and in the design of the models.

The measurements given are close enough to help identify particular models.

The first Duofold pen had no cap band and a very large imprint, very similar to the "Lucky Curve" imprint on the precursor and nearly identical black Jack Knife Safety pen with the addition of the "Duofold" name above in bold block letters.

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