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If Moore was an American sweetheart who had mainstream movie appearances on her CV, Hilton was the spoilt bitch who had 'starred' in a film of her own.

Roddick, as he has been since the split with Moore, has remained coy on their relationship, but when Hilton's phone was stolen, he was one of those 'outed' as being listed among her list of contacts.

His athletic good looks got him pigeonholed as 'the male Kournikova', an unfair comparison considering his undoubted prowess on the tennis court.

In an image-obsessed America, he had the looks to make sponsors, adoring females and gay men sit up and take more interest in the sport.

Ashley Harkleroad, the childhood sweetheart of the big-hitting American, was asked why they had split.

"He couldn't keep it in his pants," was the brutally succinct reply.

The pair have reportedly been spotted around Matthews, where Decker grew up.

Brooklyn Video I found this video profile of Brooklyn where she talks about herself, how she likes living in New York City, and her favorite band is the same as Andy's: The Dave Matthews Band. The NYPost says: WE HEAR: That after he helped the US win the Davis Cup for the first time in 12 years, Andy Roddick flew to New York for a routine checkup of his fast feet with Dr. I don't care what she looks like, how old she is, if she's a model or a former frumpy "Survivor" contestant, or whether their relationship will "last", none of these things matter to me as a fan of Andy Roddick.

Love-all in the court of A-Rod It was a telling moment.

A glimpse of Andy Roddick the man, rather than the tennis player.

Roddick, who is rarely seen on court without a baseball cap pulled tight down on his head, has an articulacy and intelligence that has escaped many professional sportsmen, but it his love life that has fascinated the celebrity magazines and internet chatrooms.

He appeared settled during his lengthy relationship with the beautiful actress and singer, Mandy Moore.

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