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—and this was Stone’s response:“When I picked up the bag, I was like, ‘This is kind of funny if there are any [paparazzi] out there.’ There’s probably some rebelliousness that comes out in me after all these stories and people texting you for weeks about something that, for the most part, is not true. Also in the interview, Stone says, “See, I never talk about this stuff for this exact reason—because it’s all so speculative and baseless.” The “stuff” she’s referring to is her personal life.

But even when it’s false, I would rather just let it be false.” of what effect that name-emblazoned bag might have on the world. You have to admire her sassafrass on that one, don’t you? And she seems pretty adamant about the fact that she does not, and will not, discuss it in public.

Eventually, news about their breakup leaked, and that was only the time that they confirmed the sad news.

There, in our quest for truths, is the most fundamental of them all: someday none of us will have faces.

So we should live our lives as we want, before we’re all skulls, grinning, cold and eyeless and empty, for all of howling eternity.

Shortly thereafter, it was reported in multiple outlets that the two had split (a status never confirmed by either camp).

And then things really hit Cliffhanger of Episode Six levels, when Stone was, post-breakup, spotted carrying a bag with Garfield’s name on it.

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The beautiful couple allegedly fell in love with each other while filming "Spiderman," where they both played the lead roles.

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