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She reads them for up to a half an hour and the progression of emotional response in the listener is fascinating. What does that look like if he rewires a video camera so that it live-streams into the Deep Web because he knows he’s going to be killed and he makes sure that his death will be filmed and the truth get out? I hadn’t exactly thought of it in those terms, but it’s true.At first it’s shock or disgust, or maybe nervous laughter, empathy. [Intermission here due to the arrival of a small plate of mixed olives, half an artichoke heart and another round of drinks.] I was recently talking with another journalist who bemoaned the fact that Seattle’s art is not sexy. There’s a trend in the art in Seattle where everyone’s attempting to right all the wrongs of our cultural path—our sexism, racism, misogyny.The film depicts an entire session with a chat girl, complete with lots of tits, topless violin playing, a Kramer-esque gay nextdoor neighbor and an altercation with the SPD.Lundgren is a little nervous because, bluntly put, he’s a white man making a film about sex work.This is the Lundgren of Lundgren Monuments, a studio that makes cast-glass tombstones and artist-designed urns.He’s also the Lundgren behind the Hideout, Seattle’s 9-year-old art bar crammed floor-to-ceiling with paintings by local artists. It occurred to me to adopt that format and write a script for it.He’s sipping an icy mug of Rainier while I wrap my lips around a flute filled with bubbly. It was unknown to me—that sort of thing isn’t my go-to for Internet raunch. People are doing it because they want to, and it affords them all this power: If someone’s rude or demanding, they’ll cut them off. I heard conflicting background stories about the actor.Amanda Manitach: This is your first feature length film, right? I was fascinated by the medium, by the way that it’s formatted. Going into the film, someone said she actually was a professional cam girl.

However, I think it’s important to portray women as sexual creatures who are powerful and not—as is commonly portrayed in the sex industry—as damaged. I was expecting a little more raunch from you actually. She has her top off for 45 minutes—you kind of get to know her. But so few people dedicate time to actually capturing real life.I wanted to portray someone who was powerful, making all the decisions on her own terms. I think because we’re used to the cadence of texting and waiting and communicating that way via devices, the pace seemed natural. It’s amazing that there will be 2,000 people watching this girl in real time. It was interesting to me that this happened at the same time the Yellow Fish Epic Durational Performance Festival. I’m definitely influenced by , by Harmony Korine, Larry Clark and in a lot of ways Andy Warhol.Who was nobody’s victim, not forced to do anything, not the victim of abuse growing up. Also, it helps that there were boobs the whole time. I really like the built-in pauses—whether it’s for narrative tension or testing the audience, it’s authentic to real chat rooms. I’m fascinated by the dynamic of the relationship: I have something you want, but I’m not going to just take off my bra in the first five seconds. There’s a lot of art happening right now that involves patience, where the viewer is just sitting there, usually without any climax, reward or narrative arc. Except there is a tease, a promise of climax, with this. That idea of watching someone sleep, or of watching long, drawn-out conversations that don’t go anywhere.There are parts of me that love that idea, but for the first time in my life, moving to New York sounds really exciting, because you can go there or to Los Angeles and make anything you want with complete authenticity and sincerity.I don’t want to shock just to shock people, but I like the things that make your heart beat fast.

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I think that’s what the general public looks to artists for. But the environment in Seattle is really judgmental and condemning and that’s a scary thing. It’s something that’s part of all of our lives: the blue collar part of our lives, the white collar part of our lives, the young, the old, the prepubescent.

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