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Here is a point before we get right into the guts of this incredibly powerful pattern.

Just because someone nasty turns up it doesn’t mean you can’t learn from them and move on, does it?

I offer if now as a great pattern to use and also in response to some very judgemental, hateful emails I have received over the last couple of days.Many years ago I was wibbling about going on a course.I won’t mention the trainer or the course because they are very well known in the personal development industry, and I am not going to speak well of them This trainer is very good at what he does, he has a unique course that you can’t get anywhere else and I desperately wanted to learn about it.I am not and will not take on the mantle of being the NLP Thought Police.A few people in the personal development community dislike my approach to NLP and Hypnosis. The thing is I agree with them, and not just because it winds them up. If nothing else, when you talk to someone don’t you want to manipulate them into understanding your point of view?

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The trouble was that I consider the man to be one of the biggest arses on the planet.

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