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Full, gathered skirts, known as the dirndl skirt, became popular around 1945.

They were a type of accessory that came to be seen as more of a comfort rather than for style.

Jean Patou, who had first raised hemlines to 18" off the floor with his "flapper" dresses of 1924, had begun lowering them again in 1927, using Vionnet's handkerchief hemline to disguise the change.

By 1930, longer skirts and natural waists were shown everywhere.

The Great Depression took its toll on the 1930s womenswear due to World War II which dates from 1939-1945.She introduced the zipper, synthetic fabrics, simple suits with bold color accents, tailored evening gowns with matching jackets, wide shoulders, and the color shocking pink to the fashion world.By 1933, the trend toward wide shoulders and narrow waists had eclipsed the emphasis on the hips of the later 1920s.For women, skirts became longer and the waist-line was returned up to its normal position in an attempt to bring back the traditional "womanly" look.Other aspects of fashion from the 1920s took longer to phase out.

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