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We were sure to break up these affirmation-laden discussions with episodes of and the occasional apartment-spanning, ashtray-breaking scream fest.We really love each other, but tempers we for sure have.Zack was more of the skit caricature of being smugly confident that Trump didn’t stand a chance.

Our apartment became a sea of post-it notes and notebooks that started as Moleskine and ended as .99 Duane Reade college-lined. He also contributes to First, some background: we (Zohra Atash and Zachary Lipez) are a couple. He writes the “Adult Problems” column for Noisey/VICE.Our day to day is relatively simple: Zack does the laundry and Zohra cooks; Zack helps Zohra return emails (which she hates doing); Zohra helps Zack write melodies for songs (which she is better at); we both read each other lyrics and bat back and forth themes and ideas we’re working on — for both art’s sake Although we are two peas in a pod — for good or bad embracing the social isolation that comes with age and enjoying each other’s company — we’d never really tried to collaborate on a single project until the last year, when Zohra pitched an idea to to do an online TV show.It was to be modeled on old New York punk and public access shows, free form and instinctive in its tendencies. This was early last year, but Zohra already had a deeply held knowledge that the country was dark and getting darker.

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Focusing on the scoundrels seemed destined to give them weight they don’t deserve.

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