Xm radio not updating songs

Make sure antenna is securely connected to your radio for business.

If using an antenna extension, make sure all connections between the antenna, inline amplifier, and coax cable are secure.

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If connecting to a power strip, make sure power strip is switched to the “on” position.

Make sure the antenna is outside and aimed in the proper direction during testing.

If the direct connect provides adequate antenna signal, the problem is with the coaxial cable used to extend the antenna. Make sure your radio is receiving adequate antenna signal as described in the fault “Low Antenna Signal.” If your signal is within the thresholds noted therein, commence the following troubleshooting steps. Check the connection between the music receiver and the amplifier.

If no audio comes through the headphones, your probably have a defective business radio.Magical Mini Concert: A weekly fantasy concert featuring live music from The Beatles and their solo works.My Fab Four: A daily guest deejay show hosted by musicians influenced by The Beatles, celebrities and super fan listeners, each playing their four favorite Beatles songs.NEXT car I buy THIS service WILL be cancelled before I leave the dealership. Get ready to say hello to a channel dedicated to John, Paul, George and Ringo on Sirius XM satellite radio.

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If all connections are secure, check the SMB adapters and make sure the little pin inside the male connector is not bent or missing.

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