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In this oddly accurate and devastatingly funny play, that's exactly what happens to Danny. His interviewer, Nikki, interprets his most harmless remarks like "it's complicated" into online gossip.And once the poking and the zombie attacks start, things get very weird, very fast.This hilarious tour through the history of the potato takes us to the unknown corners of the spudding world, including Columbus first introducing the root to Native Americans, Steve Irwin's clash with wild potatoes in Idaho, a strange potato-worshipping cult, and even a battlefield of mashed and baked tubers.It's the type of witty, self-defacing humor that's perfect for a savvy forensics competitor.Although the two are from very different eras, which they thoroughly debate the merits of, they come to an understanding of each other over the course of their brief time together, in a charming and curious two person scene.

But when John plunges into Super Speed Dating, he meets an array of crazies, con-artists and maniacs that could make anyone's head spin. THE GR8 TXT MSG WAR by Hank Frederick Hilarious, and totally unique: performers will have a blast speaking and acting in the language of text messages.

Don't miss this killer 2-person play, perfect for forensics.

The Potato: boring root or world's most exciting superstar?

In order to save his job, Jack will have to do the one thing he can't stand: lose.

Child's Play by Alyssa Zaczek Ryan Richards is stuck.

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