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I try to balance things – I mean, the Mean Girls of Tina Fey’s film of the same name certainly exist in the dating realm as well – but the reality is there’s a real imbalance when it comes to cruelty.

And every time I think I’m done with this post, I encounter another anecdote, another tale of ludicrous human behavior.

The trick is to grow more approachable for that first meeting, in order to give a prospective date a chance to feel encouraged and confident, too.

"By no means do I suggest that women dim their stars," Ethridge said. Meet eyes, smile, look away and look back." It's all simple, really, and doesn't diminish your power or success — and it might just make you a little more approachable for the guys with fragile male egos.

"Unfortunately, many men are not raised to see their self-worth in those traits first," Boykin said.

Some genius at Refinery 29 finally decided to re-watch the entire show and tally up each lady's score and, well, let's just say it's pretty impressive. In the show, Blanche says that she's slept with 143 men, but recent research indicates the real number might be 164, if you count all the references to dates and former flames.

A romantically challenged Londoner offers new strategies on playing the dating game, attempting to “make sense of something he doesn’t understand, using something that he does.” With only a six-week duration as his relationship “personal best time,” Nicolson, a 20-something trainee solicitor for a British law firm, parlays his studies in economics and politics at Edinburgh University into unorthodox ways to view love, improve his chances at romance and demonstrate a correlation between love and the “clear-cut rational world of economics.” Applying the dismal science to the love game, the author explores online dating, where one’s “goods” are presented, displayed, brokered, ordered and possibly exchanged.

After a long dry stretch, Nicolson admits to successfully dating a girl for a year, yet he eventually forgoes the strong, safe, bankable investment of a long-term relationship for the free-form “liquidity” of the single life.

A chapter on Keynesian economics restores his confidence in himself and in love.

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