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3.) The Protective Order that Deion previously obtained against Pilar through the Prosper Police when she was arrested on April 23rd, was VACATED.

4.) Deion's application for A Protective Order against Pilar For Family Violence in the Family Court was DENIED.

(Medical documents are available.) 7.) And, lastly the Court RESCINDED AND VACATED the Gag Order.

That was an important ruling because Deion had continued to violate this Order with his relentless assaults against Pilar in the media while she continuously obeyed the Order.

Buuuuut, Pilar claims that Deion is worth about 0 million!! If that's true, to put it in perspective, that'd be like Tags: cell phone, child, child support, court, daughter, deion sanders, estranged wife, family, judge, kids, pilar sanders, ridiculous, ruling, sad, ten thousand Pilar Sanders, soon to be ex-wife of football great, Deion Sanders, said their divorce is full of abuse and lies and part-time parenting.

The first sign that things weren't going well was when Pilar was arrested for domestic abuse when she allegedly attacked Deion.

AND, she said that she even recorded the whole thing with her cellphone…but Deion deleted it. Tags: assault, deion sanders, divorce, fight, football, jail, legal, nil, pilar, pilar sanders, player, wife As we previously mentioned, Pilar Sanders' sister recently fired back in her defense over the fight that took place between Pilar and Deion Sanders.

Well Deion was recently spotted walking with his two sons and so someone asked him how he was doing.

The gag order was almost completely ignored by everyone except Pilar, who is now speaking because it was lifted — and she's telling her side of the story.

Now it allows her to defend herself against his verbal abuse.

Those are some pretty bold facts, and if they can totally be backed up (and we don't see why they couldn't be), Deion looks to be in a world of explaining to do. [ As we previously mentioned, there are always two sides to a story.

He only cares about himself, manipulating and cheating to distract from the truth and let’s not forget about his open and flagrant philandering. I need the facts known and hopefully Deion’s public will convince him to just stop showing off, handle this situation fairly like a real man, and let my children and me get on with our lives.” We agree that the kids are the MOST important part of this whole thing.

We'd say that neither side has really done all they could to protect them, and that's a shame.

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