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She was soon sent to audition for a producer named Roger Corman, who was making films on the cheap in the Philippines. The usual.” Despite having never read a script or acted, she was cast in “The Big Doll House,” and was soon off to Manila to play a “tough-talking bisexual prostitute named Grear” whose wardrobe consisted of one long T-shirt.

“The Big Doll House” led to “Women in Cages,” which was filmed in a mountain city called Baguio where “leeches, protozoa, and parasites feasted on our naked flesh.” Grier’s career in the genre that would come to be known as “blaxploitation” was off to a creepy, crawly, and rapidly successful start.

As she learned to ride, her stutter would mysteriously disappear — preparing her for a life of both acting and action.

Grier got her start in show business by winning beauty pageants, which led to singing back-up for Bobby Womack, Stevie Wonder, and Sly Stone, who she got to watch jam in the studio with Jimi Hendrix. “Bondage, torture, attempted escape, punishment, drug addiction, machine guns, sex.

Then perhaps her partner might be sneaking off for a quick pre-coitus snort? “I am dating Richard Pryor.” Of all the surprises in “Foxy,” a memoir from the Afro’d goddess of blaxploitation, “a chick with drive who don’t take no jive!

” as one tagline put it, the biggest is that Grier is endearingly innocent.

An acquaintance told him to cut it out because it was rude, and Lennon replied, “I don’t give a f – – -.” When the manager asked Lennon, who had taken to banging on the table, to leave, fists flew. Altovise then distracted him while Minnelli and her husband laid Grier down in the back seat of their Silver Shadow Rolls-Royce, and threw Minnelli’s full-length sable coat over her so Sammy wouldn’t see.

“If you needed a woman of color to handle a gun, do a wheelie on a chopper, or fall off a cliff into a rice paddie, I was the one to call.” Corman’s “The Arena,” filmed in Rome, called for Grier to ride a wild black stallion named Donatello.

The horse was especially feisty, and Grier knew from experience that he needed to be trotted around the set in order to burn off excess energy.

Grier panicked and escaped to the couch, wedging herself between Elizabeth Taylor and Liza Minnelli. “Motherf – – – – -, you do know the b – – – -,” was Pryor’s opening pick-up line, and Prinze responded by pulling out a vial of pure liquid cocaine.

Pryor invited the pair inside to party as he quoted dialogue from Grier’s “Foxy Brown,” but she demurred, making Prinze take her home instead.

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Surrounded by drugs, sex and abuse, Grier, by her telling, was the straight one, trying to hold her life together through a string of broken men and stereotyped roles.

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