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The plump, shy young woman quickly learned that getting movie work required a head-to-toe makeover.

Columbia studio boss and epic control freak Harry Cohn ordered her to ditch the Slavic surname.

When Scottie, a police detective played by Jimmy Stewart, falls in love with the mysterious Madeleine, Judy must keep up the fantasy to retain his affection. The movie screen is a magical mirror that reflects our fantasies and obsessions.

In her influential essay, “Visual Pleasure and Narrative Cinema”, film critic Laura Mulvey focuses on classic Hollywood’s ability to deliver sumptuous visual pleasure by making women the object of the male gaze. The screen siren, particularly the carefully groomed star of the old studio system, may be an object of pleasure, but her image also evokes a certain anxiety.

(Though Lansbury was never really considered a sex symbol.) offered that perhaps Novak ought to closet herself.

Even Donald Trump, no stranger to ridicule, piled on the mockery.

Novak portrays the brunette shop girl Judy, who pretends to be the aristocratic, blonde Madeleine to help pull off a murder plot. In many interviews, including a 2012 discussion with the British Film Institute, Novak described her identification with Judy: “The role appealed to me because it was the resistance of Judy – who was in a sense me – trying to become the Hollywood person, trying to be Madeleine, needing to loved, and willing to be made over.” She recalls Hitchcock’s total fixation on her hair, her clothing, her make-up – as if the director was embodying the obsession of Scottie, whose fanatical gaze follows Judy/Madeleine throughout the film.

Better to leave her sealed inside a movie reel, preserved for generations to fixate on. We aren’t supposed to be aware of the tricks – the lighting, the make-up, the hair.

When plastic surgery announces itself as plastic surgery, it disturbs the illusion of beauty and makes us uneasy.

Marilyn Pauline Novak arrived in Hollywood in the early 1950s as – hold the tweets!

– “Miss Deepfreeze”, the spokesmodel for a refrigerator company.

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