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"1 don't like crowds." Musically, Van Wyngarden acts as lyricist and structural thinker, and Goldwasser is the programming mind. Pete Kember), a founding member of Spacemen 3, says, "As in all relationships, theirs is not always easy to define.

Ben is the sound boffin, but nothing is clear-cut, and they both step up to whatever they're working on.

Then they'd spend a whole day writing in Ben's room — and then go their separate ways again.

They're like a married couple that has really good but that's it." On a deeper level, Van Wyngarden is hyperaware, and it's hard to get much by him, whereas Goldwasser has a tendency to go into his own world and trust that whatever happened while he was off in space was good.

On the first floor, there's a hastily renovated home studio, with the band's gear stacked in the front and a comfy recording studio in the back.Perez Hilton was outraged at the creative departure, while rock nerds adored the new tributes to Brian Eno and Television Personalities, Dan Treacy.Van Wyngarden was deeply freaked out by even a hint of negativity: "Not that I give a shit what Perez Hilton thinks, but I was worried that his reaction may well be a glimpse into how a lot of people will react, brushing it off in a split second, dismissing it as old-sounding and not-danceable." he says. "Recording Congratulations was the first time in my life that I was able to make whatever music I wanted to make and know that at least a few people are going to hear it," says Goldwasser."We're going to leave them in there, like that," he says."We're calling it our trophy room." Becoming everyone's favorite band has weighed heavily on MGMT's minds for the past couple of years.

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