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Ronnie Wood’s ex-wife said she was forced to stop the popular beauty treatment because she was worried it ‘would change my whole face’.‘I stopped with Botox because I couldn’t squint any more and I was worried that it would change my whole face, but if I wanted a full facelift later down the line, then why not?

My body was like a stick, but it wasn’t about pressure to look thin, I was just never hungry.‘I was doing so much cocaine at one point that I’d smoke a joint in the evening like having a glass of wine.’But these days Jo - who is mother to Jamie, 42, Leah 38, and Tyrone, 34, as well as being a stepmother to Ronnie’s eldest son Jesse – has embraced a healthier lifestyle. It’s stronger, fitter and served me well considering what I’ve put it through.‘I never used to exercise but now I work out three or four times a week and I have a good diet.

Some police officers are not sure if their attack was connected with the murders.

The first double murder, which involved Richard Griffin and Polly Ann Moore, happened four weeks later.

The second double-homicide, involving Paul Martin and Betty Jo Booker, occurred exactly three weeks from the first murders. Finally, almost exactly three weeks later, Virgil Starks was killed and his wife, Katie, was severely wounded.

The Texas Rangers came in to investigate, including the famous M. Most officials no longer connect that attack to the other murders.

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  1. They don't have tremendous passions or productive activities they find fulfilling -- they like good food, good wine, exotic travel, nice things -- so the job that's going to make them happiest is the one that pays well, and they're smart, and this isn't the worst life imaginable, so they make the work-long-hours tradeoff, pretty easily, and they do this for a living. There's nothing else really pulling at them -- maybe family, eventually, but they recognize they have to earn a living somehow, and this is easier and more lucrative than construction, so here they are. Your blog is a fascinating window into an alien world.