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It addressed the main differences between Chinese regulation and the U. Gender, race, and age are considered through impression management.This study suggests a shift in public relations strategy as website users are building and undermining support for each candidate through website material, like blogs, as well as linked website material, such as posting videos to You Tube and fundraising on Facebook.Content management systems (CMS) allow journalists to remotely input content, edit and deliver the final product to print and Web-based publications.The Litigious “Wall”: Reviewing China’s Regulations of the Internet from a Positive Perspective • Xudong Liu; Southern Illinois University Carbondale • This paper discussed numerous approaches applied by the Chinese government to monitor or constrain the Internet users. The paper proposed that, due to the complicated IT technology and the Chinese government’s in-efficiency in carrying out those policies, those who use the Internet were not petrified and the regulations failed in many cases. Obama Girl: A Rhetorical Analysis of Gender, Race, and Age in the 2008 Presidential Primary Campaign • Erin Armstrong; E. Scripps School of Journalism, Ohio University • This qualitative case study analyzes general rhetorical components of the official websites for Democratic candidates Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama during the 2008 primary campaign.It identifies potential problems with the traditional method for operationalizing the construct, and explicates conditions under which an alternative method for operationally defining argument quality would be useful.The major contribution of this article is to develop and describe an alternative method for operationalizing argument quality in experimental research.

The present study adopts an international (i.e., Asian/Chinese) perspective to examine a few critical issues and challenges exemplified in the Western public relations education and discuss their implications on international public relations education with a focus on China.Using hierarchical OLS regression, the study addresses the influence of satellite TV use – as an indicator of access to U. sponsored international broadcasting – on the degree of pro-American opinion, above and beyond individual level demographic factors. Lisa Bu, University of Wisconsin-Madison • This study investigates the relationship between people’s habits of using traditional news media and their uses of the Internet as their main source of news.In this study, I develop two scales of pro-American attitudes and pro-American policy positions based on individuals‘ responses to a 2006 poll. A regression analysis is conducted on a secondary dataset, the Biennial Media Consumption Survey 2006 by Pew Research Center.Hardcore is the catchall category for porn that doesn't fit neatly into any other niche.Good hard sex starring beautiful people who are more experienced than amateurs but less well known than major pornstars, featuring some of the hottest performances and a mixed variety of sexual positions.

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