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The TV camera needs to be easy to turn on and use, and the microphone or microphones accompanying the video camera needs to be sufficient to take into account that you’re not screaming or — as is often the case — there are other people screaming all around you as you try to make yourself heard.Finally, the camera’s operating system should have software built in to use for “calling” — not everyone has a TV with applications. When you hold the TV Cam HD, you do get the feeling that it’s well made — it’s hefty and doesn’t come across as flimsy plastic.I’ve already set up the screen to match the image I want it to see by getting the camera to show me what it will be showing others (you can do this prior to making a call).This also lets me see how the amount of light/lack of light will affect the image.The program Skype is built in, so you can access your existing account or create a new one.This lets anyone else with a Skype account communicate with you through the Internet.A direct connection lets the TV Cam HD take care of the wireless procedures — going Wi Fi means you’ll have to input some settings yourself.But since the TV Cam HD, model # 960-00092, brings up a setup screen when first used, if you can follow directions you’ll have no issues. Obviously it lets you control the TV Cam HD and access features built into it: for example, connecting with Skype and going into your “Contacts” list to initiate a call.

Below is a photo done with no light in the room other than some filtered daylight so that the screen won’t get a lot of glare for the pic — you can see even with such little light you are getting a decent image with focus (look for text as I moved a bit while shooting), What this shows is that even under adverse lighting the TV Cam HD can do its thing — and with good lighting well, no arguing against its use there.Also, you’re more likely to be ready for a video if you’re at the TV, as opposed to clutching the phone or tablet to see who’s there while you’re pulling up your pants in the morning.With that said, a TV-based video camera needs to have a few things going for it to be of any use: first, it needs to be easy to set up and non-intrusive in that when you’re not using it, it’s like it’s not there — the TV isn’t being bothered.I do like the fact that there’s more than a single microphone — make that four.That should help to mitigate the fact that for every person sitting in front of the TV (on the edge of the bed, for instance), there’ll be someone else at the side or farther back (or bouncing on the bed, for those with toddlers being hauled in to say hi to Grandpa).

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