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So I wonder: What is the difference between visualizing your most compatible match and being too picky?SW: I think we try to look for the most important requirements to any healthy and successful relationship, and this goes beyond romantic ones: communication, respect and trust.Are you ready for a ring, but your boyfriend won’t take that leap?Has your relationship lost its spark and you’re not sure if you can get it back? VH1 and Master Matchmakers Steve and Jo Ann Ward are in search of unmarried COUPLES who have reached a crossroads in their relationship and are looking for help.But Tough Love isn’t so much about matchmaking as it is about laying down a new coat of primer for next relationships.

Here’s what they’re looking for, according to the casting call for Tough Love Couples on Reality Wanted.com: Do you wonder if your partner is really “The One”?A dynamic duo, Steve Ward and his mother, Jo Ann, are shaking up the matchmaking scene.On VH1's Tough Love and in their book Crash Course in Love, their savvy, down-to-earth advice often produces successful relationships and long-term love.There are a lot of women, even very petite women, who say, "I will absolutely not date a guy shorter than 5'11"." Nine out of 10 women will tell me that and the average height for men in the country is 5'9".My mom's response would be, "You mean to tell me that if I have a guy who is a perfect fit in every single way—strong, fit, manly, makes you feel like a woman and this and that—but he is 5'9" and you are 5'3", you won't date the guy? If you won't open your mind to someone who is a couple inches shorter than you prefer, then that is a real problem.

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