Vba open workbook without updating links

I think there is a problem with one of the queries because it hangs upon opening and I can't even see what it is trying to execute.Is there a way to open the file w/o the auto-refresh?

you can record a macro in the derivative file to refresh all connections (Excel 2007, Data Ribbon, Connections) or update links (Excel 2003). You might want to offer the user a choice as to whether to update the derivative files..could also be driven by a button...

Before I tried ADO, I would try writing an Auto Open event procedure in the "public" workbook that updated the links, providing the "private" workbook's password. Meyers-Jouan Place a macro in the protected source workbook that every time it is closed or saved, goes out and updates the derivative workbooks, which might be as simple as opening them and recalculating them.

of course, this requires that the source workbook knows where the derivative workbooks are.

In the This Workbook class module: OLE: Object Linking and Embedding can be used for other Office applications such as linking Word or Power Point to Excel.

You could link Excel to Word if you like, odd though it looks.

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