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“There’s not a stigma involved in mental health issues [with them]. This is what I’m going through right now.’ So normalizing this is very important.” Nelson agrees, adding that 20-somethings are reading magazine articles and self-help books on this topic as a way of finding support and normalizing their experience.They’ll come in to your office and they’re like, ‘Listen, I’m stressed out, I’m anxious. “If we as counselors and therapists don’t do the same in normalizing this and recognizing this,” Nelson says, “then we’re not providing the comprehensive services that we need [to].” Even if career counseling is not a counselor’s specialty, being well-versed in career counseling topics is imperative when working with these clients, Nelson says, because career issues are intricately tied to many other areas of life, from identity to finances to relationships.“That is one of the things that other generations didn’t have to deal with,” Williams says.“They [didn’t] have to have this in their face every day of ‘Wow, my friend is having a great life and I’m not.’” Nelson agrees.When things don’t fall into place that seamlessly, Williams says, these young adults feel lied to.

“I rent a room and I fill the spaces with/ Wood in places to make it feel like home/ But all I feel’s alone/ It might be a quarter-life crisis/ Or just the stirring in my soul/ Either way I wonder sometimes/ About the outcome/ Of a still verdictless life/ Am I living it right?This time in life can also dredge up self-doubt, says Melissa Nelson, a doctoral candidate in counselor education and supervision at Regent University who has been researching the quarter-life crisis with Williams.For example, some young adults might see that a peer has landed a successful job and become financially stable and start wondering why they haven’t been able to follow the same timetable. ” It isn’t uncommon for clients in their 20s to present in the counseling session with feelings of depression and anxiety, says Katherine Hermann, an assistant professor in the Department of Counselor Education at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette.That simple action can help young adults begin to put things in the proper perspective, he adds.Keep your ‘therapeutic antennae up’ With all those choices and transitions hurtling toward young adults in rapid succession, how can counselors help most?

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