Validating a checkbox

After installing the dependencies with npm, run to run all the tests with Phantom JS.

When submitting a pull request, do not forget to add unit tests, and if you are introducing a new validator, please also add integration tests for it.

For this reason, client form validation can be faster than server-side validation.

Server-side validation incorporates code validation into a form handler. NET application on the server that provides the functionality that your form needs for processing after a customer has submitted it.

Because the code is stored on the server, server-side validation requires a roundtrip to the server.

In this tutorial, we will see how to use PHP to validate the data collected from a form.

You will see how to validate various fields used in general, like text, list, checkbox, radio button and we will also see how to retain POST data, so that after the user submits the form, even if the data supplied is not valid, data is not lost.

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However, client-side validation may not work in all instances.

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