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Earlier in the month we reported on pretty convincing evidence that showed the Xbox 360 to be supporting external storage in an upcoming update.

Today, Microsoft revealed that the update will be hitting Xbox 360 owners on April 6.

The creation of a dashboard beta programme similar to Xbox One suggests that Microsoft has more updates planned.

Xbox One owners will be able to perform an offline update on consoles with a USB flash drive and a PC with an internet connection and USB Port, according to the Xbox One support page.

The emergency offline update is intended for users having trouble downloading the system update from Xbox Live.

In order to download the update offline, users will first need to know what OS their system is running.

Finally, your Microsoft account balance will now appear on-screen in the top-right corner of the Xbox Dashboard (this can also be disabled).

USB Hard drives may work, but like flash memory, you’ll only be able to use up to 16GB of space." This news should come as a huge relief to Xbox 360 gamers already at the brink of their storage, especially for those without hard drives or are still using the old 20GB models.

Before installing the update on the Xbox One, users will need to unplug the network cable, power off the console and unplug the power cord.

After powering back up — if done correctly — the system will issue two "power-up" tones.

"On April 6th, we will be releasing a system update over Xbox Live for your Xbox 360 that will allow USB flash drives to be used for storing profiles, game saves, demos and more," Xbox Live director Larry Hryb wrote in his blog.

"You will then be able to configure how much storage to use on the device, up to 16 GB.

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This informs the system which build is currently installed on the console, and whether the update is compatible with that build." The console will need to restart and may take several minutes to power back up.

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