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(Getty Images) Late last month, the Illinois House of Representatives unanimously passed a bill that would automatically register qualified state residents to vote.

If the legislation makes its way through revisions in the state Senate and is signed by Gov.

You may register to vote any time after your 17th birthday.

Oregon chose to make its system “opt-out,” meaning that citizens are registered to vote by default unless they choose not to be. When an Oregonian has a qualifying interaction with the DMV — for instance, renewing a license — the DMV’s computer system automatically checks to see whether that person is old enough to vote, is a U. The division then sends a postcard stating that the citizen: Boosted registrations — and voting Oregon’s motor-voter system was launched in January 2016, and by Election Day 2016, OMV registrants made up 8.7 percent of people registered to vote and 4.7 percent of all those who voted in Oregon.

(you must be 18 and/or sworn in as a US citizen to be eligible to vote at that election).

Please call your county elections office for details if you believe you qualify for this registration process.

You will also need to provide your Oregon Driver's License or Oregon ID number.

If you do not have an Oregon Driver's License or Oregon ID, you will be asked to provide the last 4 digits of your social security number.

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