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Unfortunately for raised ranch homes, they often are the most difficult to properly landscape and encompass into its surroundings.

The main windows are found much higher than in ranch homes, and there is often a row of smaller windows at the ground level.

A guest room, nursery or office is perfect for the quietness of this main level space.

It is also excellent for teenage children who crave a space of their own, away from the busier areas of the home.

It is also more difficult to conserve energy with the open area between the levels.

Therefore, cooling and heating costs may be more expensive with a raised ranch home.

They also fit very well on smaller lots as well as lots with a graded terrain, while remaining cost-effective for builders and buyers.

By the 1970s, many suburban areas in the United States consisted largely of raised ranch homes.

Additionally, many people do not enjoy the lack of ornamentation that comes standard with raised ranch homes.This allows the foundation to be right at ground level.Raised ranch homes are often considered in the real estate business as bi-level homes.Toddlers and the elderly may have difficulties with the sometimes step stairway that connects to the second floor.Similarly, housekeeping can be quite a chore with the two levels.

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