Updating navman s80 maps

Regardless of which method, you’ll also need to install the software that came on a CD, but it’s better to check the manufacturer’s website for the latest software.

Don't forget that your satnav's software (as opposed to the maps) may also need updating, so look for 'firmware' or software updates for your particular model on the manufacturer's website support section.

You still want the convenience of your trusty PND, so you’ll need to add a new map of the location you’re travelling to.

With many countries and regions to choose from you’ll never be lost again.

If it’s more than three years old, you get no discount. Every GPS map update from Mio tells you of new roads and changes to old roads, making sure that you always have the best possible route to where you want to go.And once you get there, the updated GPS map lets you find newly opened restaurants, museums and other exciting new places you wouldn’t want to miss.Terms and conditions Your Mio comes pre-installed with the map of the country or region of where you bought it.This is good for a majority of time, but what if you want to drive further afield?

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With no discount, an update will cost you £75, which entitles you to update your device up to four times within 12 months.

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